Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You Just Got Delanied

Well, if you ask me (but you didn't), change is definitely in the air. Some people might say it's because Spring has sprung. I however, will chalk it up to having to do mostly with the changing of my blog. New design, and new word (spoiler alert* it's FOOD) in the title. The makeover mostly has to do with the fact that I love juxtaposing unrelated concepts. What does being scared Sweenless have to do with a flyaway dandelion? Not a blessed thing, unless you count the fact that I'm always a little worried whenever I blow on one and not all the little florets get blasted loose from the stem. And although the emotion of worry can eventually lead to fear, I don't think we've reached that point just yet. I just liked the idea of shaking things up a bit. And I love, love, LOVE food, so I thought it would be very appropriate to declare my affection openly. That seems to be the thing to do nowadays.

But what about the other words I've singled out in the title to describe the things that matter most- family, friends, AND fiction? I feel like I've been sorta letting these things fly too far under the radar. Time to remedy the fault of forthrightness, starting with one of the brightest stars of my, and pretty much anyone's life. That's right, we're talking about the Costco pizza-loving, perpetual Hannah Montana-watching, afraid-of-nail-clippers little sister... DELANEY M. SWEENEY! I was looking through some of my pictures and just wanted to highlight this uniquely special member of the Sweeney family tree.

Ok, technically this is not a photo of her. But it explains what is to come.

If I have a faux headshot session, guess who's there to steal the spotlight?

Laney, classically hogging our Noni

I gave her a makeover. At first, she wasn't all that tickled about it.

But the end result was too aesthetically pleasing

And... end scene with sassy hair flip
You may have noticed that in most of the photos, Delaney is sporting her much-loved Hello Kitty shirt that she dons daily after school. To mess with her, I showed up one day with my mom to pick her up from school, wearing it. Needless to say, she was not pleased with my fashion statement. And I can't say it's my best look.

 She does love her some cheeseburgers
Who makes the world's cutest Christmas tree? This girl!

Delaney's sick obsession- our beautiful, evil cat Sophie.
While in the mall,  some new friendships were formed.

Such is life with Laney. Inescapable, undeniable good times for all. I still can't believe she's a full-blown teenager. And even though she doesn't develop exactly like a typically developing child, she still supplies plenty of 'tude. And channeling some of that attitude, I will sign off by saying, "out!" (Delaney's command anytime I try to enter her room while she's dancing to Taylor Swift). It's just goes to show that even though some things change (big or small), Laney is and always will be, Laney.

Reminiscently yours,


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