Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yeah... I Hate Loaning You My Pen

Welcome, fellow knuckle crackers! Before we begin, I feel it is of the utmost importance for everyone to know that I will loan you my pen when you ask- but I won´t like it. Selfish? Probably. Rooted in reality with righteous reasoning? Claro! Over this last week, I have been asked for my lapicero numerous times, and each time, I hand it over, I mentally kiss it good-bye. I guess I don´t understand the mentality behind it, which must be at the root of my problem. What do these people think when they´re done using the pen? "Woah, a magical new pen! My prayers have been answered!" The reason you needed the pen in the first place is because you keep misplacing yours and then, you misplace mine, which makes us both pen-less losers. I need that magical ink stick to make my appointment and take my notes, man! Be oh so careful with a borrowed pen. It may cost a mere dollar or two, but it´s value lies far deeper. But I guess I should just be glad that I can be the answer to someone´s prayers. I´ll work on being a good person... tomorrow.

But in tremendous news, I got my suitcase back! Yes, as of Sunday night, last night, and verily, it ranneth over with all of my clothes and bed linens. I had a delicious night´s sleep last night, thanks for asking. But in not so good news, I´ve been living with the dead, o sea, the Hermanas who live in the same house and work in another area have been generously taking turns fainting and being sent to the hospital. And when I say every day, I mean every day, and it´s been strange. It´s been me and my companion only in a house for four, and I´m just not sure what to do without all the spanish conversations floating around and above my head. I hope someone figures out what is wrong with them because up ´til now, no one seems to know. I guess there are some people with slightly more important problems than those pertaining to pens.

Also, in news neither bad nor good but rather, interesting, I am so close to La Yuca, I can taste it, which is not such a bad thing since I know actually like the taste of Yuca. But it´s literally about 5 minutes away by carro. And guess who I ran into while doing contacts one day? Does anyone remember the great Epifano, the one who is, er, a VERY passionate gentleman? Well, my companion and I were walking down the famous tiny callejones that have houses staked one on top of the other on either side, when I hear a "SWEEEEEEEENEEEEE....." I thought, "I hav definitely not been here long enough to earn any sort of fame or prestige. That takes time, like, 6 months in Azua time. A man stood up out of his chair an eyed me intently. I was wondering if I needed to go into fight or flight when he started coming over, but it didn´t take long to recognize dear old Epifanio. He looked like he couldn´t quite believe it. I know I couldn´t. He complimented me on actually being able to speak his language now and asked why Hermana Brown and I stopped visiting him. I said, "uh, I´ve been in Azua for 6 months, and we tried passing by several times back in the day. But we´ll hook you up with the cool Hermanas that are serving there now." He noted there names down, and we parted ways. There really just is something indescribably cool about seeing an old "friend" you never really expect to see ever again.

But as promised, I will now mention someone I am actually teaching now, in the present. My companion and I just set a baptismal date with Robbinson for August 11th. He´s the awesome and thoughtful young man who lives in a really nice house with two demon dogs. Did I mention I hate dogs? I do. Like the one who keeps entering in our back door and defecating under the sink in our laundry room. We live on the fourth floor, how is this happening? The back screen door is all bars, and just big enough for a small dog to slip through, but from whence it comes, I have not clue. Luckily, the room has another door leading to the kitchen that closes, so it can´t get into the rest of the house. I invented a blockade of sorts made out of tape and laundry pins and a large sheet. It seems to be working thus far. Will pray for continued success. But Robbinson really comprehends well the things we teach him. His family has interest, well, his mom, dad, and younger brother Alfi, but the parents don´t want to get married as of yet. Commitment of that sort is hard to come by here. But we´re hoping with Robbinson´s good example, they´ll come around. They all ask really smart and probing questions, which we are happy to answer. Over the next few lessons we´ll be covering the big commandments, starting with the Law of Chastity. We´ll see how it goes from there.

Well, that´s unfortunately all the time I have for today. So much to say, and always so few P day minutes to spare. But I forgot most shamefully last week to give a big ol´ Happy Father´s Day to all the present and future awesome daddy-O´s out there, especially El Mío. So happy belated Father´s Day. And speaking of Father figures, keep my Papa in your prayers. He had a stoke this last week, and I wish I could be there to let him know it will be ok. It all comes down to that. I will all be ok someday, if not today. But he´s an ox and a tiger and a pterodactyl all rolled into one, so I know he´ll pull through like the Seinfeld-loving, hamburger eating champ that he is. Love you Pop!

Keeping it rolling,

Hermana Sweeney

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