Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ooooooooh, I'm Halfway There! (I am Indeed Living on a Prayer)

Thanks Bon Jovi, for starting us off right. That's right, folks, this week, I will have successfully completed half of the mission. Please, hold the applause. I can't hear it anyway. Part of me is like, "what, where did that go?" The other part thinks, "I have (get) to do this all over again before I can eat a Tina's frozen burrito again (yes, that is THE only reason I'm excited to go home). Nine months feels pretty legit though. In two more transfers, I'll have a whole year, and then it's just ice cream and sugar cookies from there. You learn to measure time very differently on the mission. Immediately after turning nine months, I will start to say, "I'm working for 10." It sounds super goal oriented, but really, it just brings me personal comfort.
So, how will I celebrate the big day? (the 27th). My companion Hermana Bryant and I will be ordering a pizza through our mission grandparents, the Browns. They're the go-to guy and gal when we need, well, anything. Since I don't live in the capital, if I want something exotic and rare like an envelope, I give them money and they bring it to us, along with our mail, once a week. So they agreed to hook us up with the pizza connection. Hey, you don't turn nine months everyday (or every month). I'm doing it in style.
But speaking of starting all over again, last night was transfer calls, and I found out that (unsurprisingly), Azua and I are still gonna be together. Till death do I part, it would seem. But I already knew I would be because I'm training, which means unless your horoscope goes completely out of wack, you stay in the same area with your same companion for two transfers, o sea, a lovely 3 months. Transfer calls make me feel like vomiting, but getting them when you already know what's gonna happen ain't no thing. Ok, that's a lie, but it's less of a thing. But I have never wondered more about what the future will bring than when I've been on the mission. Never. It'll be interesting to go back to a world where Saint Patrick's day exists and where my Monday is not actually Saturday.
And remaining in Azua also means remaining waterless. But it rained today, and since we had no water coming out of the tap, we just put a bucket outside, and used that to do our house cleaning (on P-day is when we're supposed to do our thorough house clean). I cleaned with rainwater, yo! It just feels cool to say it. I feel so rustic. Like, Bear Grills or something. I am a wilderness woman. Maybe I'll teach survival classes when I get home. I'm still looking for my life calling so maybe these are what the stars are pointing to after all. But besides the water woes, staying in Azua means staying with the people. Now that IS something to celebrate. If I'd been transferred before I'd gotten to see Olga baptized, I would have flipped my flop. That poor woman has been through a pila de crap and yet she wants to be baptized so bad. She came back from the capital two days before her baptismal date and was still ready and willing to go through with it. I was like, "you're prepping your body for surgery, relax! We'll get it done." I know I've mentioned her before, but guess what? I'll probably mention her again.
And we have Eladio's date set for Cinco de Mayo. My companion is stoked for that one. She wants to eat chips and Salsa in his honor. Or maybe just because she's craving them. Either way, I'm down for it. He is the man who walks with a crutch, and is semi-blind. Both he and Olga will make great members, because they both understand the importance of committing yourself to something important. That's the kind of dedication I need to keep in mind when I'm working to finish MY LAST NINE MONTHS HERE! I don't remember if I already mentioned that I'm completing half the mission this week. It's kind of a big deal.
And speaking of big deals, happy birthday to the guy who think he is one, my beloved bro Braden T. Sweeney. He is turning 21, which really is pretty monumental. Live long and prosper, little bro. I will eat a Mas y Mas chocolate bar in your honor. And as for the rest of you, to some I wish living long, to some, I wish you to prosper. Let's not get greedy; you can't have it all. Like me for example. I have no more time. It's a cruel world. But next week will bring a new Monday, with new ideas about recent experiences. See ya there.
Sincerely you Sweeney,
Hermana Sweeney

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