Sunday, November 6, 2011

You Can Break my Arm, but You Can´t Break my Halloween Spirit!

Ok, So yeah, being me, last P day, I broke my arm. Or thought I did. Hermana Brown and I decided to wrestle. I beat her at leg wrestling (of course) but she got her revenge. About 5 seconds into our real wrestling, I felt a grotesque pain in my left arm. Why would I automatically assume it´s broken, you might wonder? Because apparently my bones are made of marshmallows and when I do something REALLY strenuous, like taking a step or opening the fridge, I just snap. So the thought of being broken in a foreign country seemed very possible, and very unappealing. Turns out, it is, or, that is, would be. We went to the doctor on Wednesday (we didn´t go right away, in case the pain went away. It didn´t). Well, they didn´t accept my insurance, but they accepted my 2,000 pesos pretty readily. Ai! But I swear, the doctor twisted my arm a bit, and I didn´t really feel anything, so he assured me he was 95 percent sure it was ok. Whew, thanks for that, but I would still like some x rays, if that´s alright. Well, they x rayed my clavicle bone, so we had to redo them. Then the doctor looked at the x rays in his office, which was about halfway lit and affirmed that it wasn´t broken. We introduced ourselves as missionaries, had a nice chat and he told us he´s Evangelical. Oh well, it was worth a shot, right? Then he promptly went back to watching the video he had playing on his computer. Oh the D.R. It is so not the U.S.

But today is Halloween, and that makes up for any pretend broken bones I may or may not have had. I was a little blue that I wouldn´t be able to celebrate my 2nd favorite holiday with my traditional outrageous costume, and so my companion had the brilliant idea that we should go as… each other! Being as she is small, and I am not, she looks a bit like a bag lady and I look like one of those people that doesn´t realize I´m too big to be wearing the clothing of teenagers, but hey, it´s still fun. We even traded bags, name tags, shoes, the whole bit. If you look at the pictures, you´ll realize we traded smiles too. For some reason, that´s how she smiles in pics (the way I´m smiling) and she is wearing my traditional over the top cheesball grin. Oh Halloween, you never let me down.
In other, more missionary related news, we had the baptism for Osiris this last weekend. It was really neat, even though his mother was yelling-whispering at her rather poorly behaved grand kids during the service. Sometimes I just don´t know what to do with the human race…
The next day, though, when he was supposed to get confirmed during sacrament meeting, he was no where to be found. Por suerte, the announcements ran long, and he FINALLY showed up, so he was able to get confirmed. If not, we may have had to have him re baptized because next week is stake conference (no baptisms) and if there are more than 8 days separating a baptism and the confirmation, they have to re baptize the person. This would NOT be a good idea. Osiris has a bit of a difficult family life, so he just needed it to all be over and done with. And it all worked out. Oh, God, he does come through.

Well, as usual, there is more to say, and no time to say it. I will continue my futile attempt to keep you updated on the crazy adventures of my missionary life. Until next time, I wish you all a happy night of fright and sugar overload.


Hermana Sweeney

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