Monday, November 21, 2011

Tales of the Yarn Cat Mirrors

Ok, I just have to go on record and say this has been one of those hell-inspired weeks that everyone spends their free moments dreading. I doubt I have the time to explain it to do it justice. But i shall give it a go.

Ok, so for some reason, this week was when the heavens decided to weep uncontrollably. For what reason, I´m still trying to decipher. But when it rains, it pours, and when it pours, members don´t want to salir with us to go on citas with investigators. The reason we are supposed to have said members with us is so that the investigators see that yes, there are normal Mormons, and no, not every member wears a skirt and a nametag everyday, nor do they have to refrain from hugs (you wouldn´t believe the awkward amount of male hugs I have to dodge here. It´s becoming an art form for me.) It´s also to familarize potential future members with people who already are members. Sometimes, it´s nice to have a friend, so i´m told. Well, not only were people not really able or willing to go with us this week, but none of the investigators were even home when they normally are. Uh... thanks Satan. But this still wouldn´t be the end of the world had it also not been for the other following fun tidbits of my semana.

1. I had an enormous rat dart in front of me and do a cannon ball into the gutter and hit the tire of the car parked therein. It was disgusting and fascinating, and really wasn´t a bad experience. I just wanted to share it. Especially considering the fact that the rat was about the size of a cereal box.

2. My stomache, to put it mildly, is not pleased with some choice I made this last week. And walking around in hot sun plush crotchety stomache doth not a happy Sweeney make.

3. I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of a gunshot. "Crap," thought I, "my overactive imagination is waking me up even early than I would normally have to be." Then I heard the second shot and the scream, and decided maybe my imagination had some validity. And hearing abunch of people scream and shout in a language you´re still trying to learn does not make the situation any less scary. The lady who lives above us kept shouting the name of the lady in the house next to us, where all the commotion was taking place. Then the police came, and i looked out the window and some men with guns were advancing on the house, where from what my comp and i were able to gather from our neighbors (we have a door that connects us to the stairs that lead up to their house) their was a robber trapped in the house. Well, after awhile, i was bien sick of it all, and nothing was happening, so i went to bed. Come to find out later that night from the same neighbors that the thief was... a rat. Really?! If I didn´t hate rats before, i sure do now (in spite of your arguments to the contrary, Ashley).

Ok, so really, i can´t complain too much, especially because Rosa joven finally got baptized this week! I haven´t really described her, but she´s the one who like to ask me where the other Hermana Sweeney is whenever we show up to teach her and I don´t look like a sweaty soccer player. So there´s a decent looking hermana Sweeney and a beast. How sweet. But her date has been moved about three times because she was going to church consistently and then last week, when she was supposed to get baptized, her mom decided she didn´t want to sign the papers because her daughter was behaving like she was mal criada, or in other words, spoiled and rude. Now this lady has a kid that would actually well-befit this description. Her name is Diana and she loves to yell in my face and demand I giver her my headband, umbrella, etc. But she throws a tantrum to rival the best of ém, and Rosa, is well, as tranquila as they come. Once again, Satan, you butt. Well, we talked to the mom and told her if anything would change her daughter´s behavior, it was the gospel. So she signed the baptism papers, Rosa was baptized, and there was much rejoicing. I really do love my little ward of La Yuca. You´d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated bunch anywhere.

Oh, and now, finally getting to the title and all the goodness it entails... so one of the members of the ward, the widow hermana Seneda, has in her house these fantastically hideous twin mirrors. Well, technically they´re mirrors, but the glass is so taken up with the image of these two enormous cats that look like they´re made of pink yarn that it´s hard to see your own image in them. I both hate and love them simultaneously. But that´s just art here. The real popular item here is this picture of the toddler Jesus, and he is usually either superimposed over the image of a lake or in front of an old scroll or something, and he proclaims "yo reinaré," which means "I will rein." I gotta say, superimposing is super popular here, especially for wedding photos. I think I may have to adopt this technique in my own special occasions cards when i return to the states.

Well, that´s it for this week. I think it´s probably more than enough. i know i´ve had enough of it; i´m bien ready to move on to the next one. And wishing you all a good one as well.


Hermana Sweeney

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